So, how do you find a good contractor for custom cabinet work in Boston?  

You want a contractor to deliver on a project matching your expectations. You want the project to go smoothly and be completed within a timely manner. You expect high quality materials and craftsmanship.  These are reasonable expectations. Here are some things to check out when looking for the right contractor.  

Finding a contractor – Certainly, the internet is a good source – visiting the contractors website and social media posts. However, there is nothing like getting a referral from a friend, neighbor or an associate.  

Strong communication skills – This is #1 on Brandon’s list because there are a lot of details that need to be worked through in a project. Does the contractor have a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve with the project and the details? Does the contractor “stay connected” with you, keeping you informed as work progresses and any issues that may arise.

Relevant experience – You will want a contractor that has experience doing similar work. This means they have the experience of knowing what historically has worked well.  Are they a general contractor – hiring out subcontractors to do all the work or is the contractor a professional cabinet shop?  Check out the contractor’s past work on their website and social media posts. This allows you to see the capabilities of the contractor and their work.

Doing the work – Does the contractor do all the work or do they subcontract out the work? Generally a cabinet shop that does all or most of the work is the best unless they have strong subcontractors. 

Easy to work with – After talking to the contractor through the design phase, ask yourself if you are comfortable with working with him or her. A good cabinet maker will work with you through the design phase and discuss various options and make suggestions. A project will take weeks or months; so, you need to have a good working relationship

Trust your instincts – After you have done your due diligence and checked out the contractor, you will either get good vibes or bad vibes. Go with your instincts!

Hopefully, this was informative. Good luck on your search for a reputable cabinet maker.


Grain Architectural Millwork is a residential custom wood cabinetry and commercial architectural millwork shop in the Boston Harbor Shipyard.