Windy Films – Industrial Inspired Kitchen

Designer: Grain

Materials: Walnut, steel, concrete

Location: East Boston, MA

Recently, Windy Films moved into a 4,000 square foot space in the Shipyard that was once an old fire station. They needed a kitchen that would work within their offices, and also make their clients feel comfortable to hang out in while watching the crew through the window shooting on the studio floor.

To keep with the industrial vibe of the space and the location, we integrated raw materials such as steel, concrete, and wood – a clean and simple, contemporary design. We created lots of charcoal concrete counter space, flat panel walnut cabinets, and open shelves for top units, all built at Grain Wood Shop.

The top shelves are constructed with steel brackets with a satin polyurethane finish. The steel is rough with exposed welds, with walnut end grain pushed into the open tube stock, topped with 1″ walnut with a satin varnish finish that will keep the woodwork protected from spills and other accidents in the kitchen. The shelves span the entire width of the kitchen from the refrigerator to the wall.