Met Bar Natick

Architect: Sousa Design Architects

Materials: Solid walnut, walnut ply, P-Lam cabinets and countertops, Chemetal, steel, glass and mirrors

Location: Natick, MA

This project was unique because the design incorporated multi media including various woods, metals, glass, and mirrors to provide the right ambiance. The massive U shaped bar top was fabricated in sections using solid walnut and ply and measured over 50 linear feet once completed. The walnut back bar display cabinets featured chemetal chrome accents , mirrors inside walnut cabinets. To create the liquor display, Grain worked with a local metal fabricator to create chrome plated shelving. 

An arch from the bar area was created to separate the dining room from the bar, this was a mirror and walnut arch that covered an expansion gap. LED’s were installed to have some backlighting.