The Harbor Arts Festival

At Grain wood shop we have just finished building out an 800 square foot showroom to show off new products and some different types of wood we have access to. This weekend The 20th of September is The Harbor arts Festival. I am a sponsor for this event and the showroom will be open, so come on down check out the new showroom and see what Grain is all about. Also support local artists and enjoy live music. As always KO pies in the shipyard will be open. DSC_0230 (1)

Custom Design and Build Furnishings

At Grain wood shop we design and build custom furnishings, My background stems from yacht restoration to an undergrad in Architecture. From these two backgrounds I have a love for designed objects, in my case furniture. The program I attended at the International yacht restoration school was the yacht restoration program. This is where I learned to use hand tools properly and the importance of a sharp edge. beetlecat1 This is what you work on your first year at IYRS. Start with an old beetle cat and the goal its to restore it by the end of the year while working on improving your skills. poster15 ​And this is what we launched in Early June nine months later with greatly improved skills.

Welcome to Grain Wood Shop!

Welcome! I'm Brandon Gatti the owner of Grain Wood Shop and I will be the primary Blogger on this blog. The point of this Blog is to show people my works in progress, how I do certain things, and to inform people about the events happening in the new showroom. This is a very exciting time for me as my Showroom is near completion and My new website is being launched. Thank you for working so incredibly hard this past month to get the website up. This is me in my shop last November, No one had been in the space I use as my shop since the mid 80's, This took a lot of cleaning to get it to where it is today.