Grain's new look.


Welcome to our brand spankin' new site!

Our new website was designed to bring the vibe of our beloved shop to your eyes and retina screens.  Like a freshly groomed and oiled beard, the site shows the raw, industrial nature of our shop space, and the clean and polished, fine quality craftsmanship in everything we produce.  Huge thanks to Windy Films for the photos!

Using Shopify, our new site makes purchasing showroom pieces easier, and beautifully displays examples of our custom specialty woodwork and commercial portfolio.  So let me walk you through the new site:


Bam.  3 Full-width images that show you what we do in the day-to-day - create.  Then, a masonry collection of images below shows you our featured product.  Right now, our Boston Boxes have an infinite number of uses for the holidays from a decorative tray for serving drinks, to a rustic table centerpiece, to a kitchen display box for your favorite coffee or herbs.  The three links below will take you through the elements of the Grain portfolio: Showroom Pieces, Specialty Woodwork, and Custom Work. Topped off with a social media widget at the bottom so you can stay up to date on all things Grain, the home page keeps you fully connected to our entire online presence.  


Showroom Pieces will bring you to a collection of our work that is ready to take home to your living room or office.  Specialty woodwork showcases examples of our custom woodwork for homes and businesses.  Commercial Work, the biggest focus of Grain moving forward, is currently being built out. Stay tuned as we upload more examples of our larger projects, such as the bar and table tops for the Rising, a bar and restaurant opening in Inman Square this winter.


Follow the Grain and see what we're up to.  We'll be making regular posts with shop updates, works-in-progress, showroom happenings, best-practices of craftsmanship and maintaining woodwork,  and other fun anecdotes.  


Our new and improved about section really brings you behind the scenes of Grain, Brandon, and the shop. Check out the video for the full picture!  (Thanks Windy!) 

Grain Gear

Represent the Grain.  Our smaller woodwork for purchase and threads are available in this section.  Waiting to move into the new place before buying a coffee table?  Still brainstorming on how Grain can outfit your future restaurant or hotel lobby?  Start small - grab one of our smaller items and see how it feels to Rock the Clamp. 


Brand Booster

  • Feel the Grain - read all about it, learn the story behind the clamp.
  • Follow the Grain - stay current with all things Grain Wood Shop via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter and Blog.
  • Get the Grain - bring an authentic experience to everyone who enters your space when you become the owner of a Grain piece.  
  • Rep the Grain - rock the clamp and show your love for local and handmade, quality craftsmanship.
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    We'd love to hear your feedback!

    Drop us a line, let us know what you think about the new site!  

    We have some exciting projects to share with you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!